Keepr's Wildflower Honey, 227g

Keepr's Wildflower Honey, 227g

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Our pure unadulterated,100% British Honey is lovingly collected from our KEEPR’s directly from the hives of bees that gathered the pollen and nectar of wildflowers. A deliciously sweet and fruity natural honey.

Pure honey is naturally sweet and has become a healthier and tastier option over processed sugars and sweeteners. Honey contains many vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants which helps maintain good health and build immunity against sickness.

Keepr’s provides pure 100% raw honey straight from the hive, retaining all it’s natural goodness. We believe every jar of honey should be as fresh tasting as possible, which is why we let our bees do the work by themselves.

All Honey is unsuitable for children under one.
Diabetics should seek medical advice.